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Eloi Baudimont - ©Caroline LégerBorn in Belgium in 1971, Eloi Baudimont is a composer, an arranger and a conductor.

His universes are plenty, from theatre to dance, circus, television or even fanfares, to which he gives a personal touch that can be flowing and festive, as well as romantic and dreamy.
From 1995 till 2008, he has conducted La fanfare de Mourcourt. In 2007, he created the show Mali mali with the Malian griot Baba Sissoko.

Since 2009, he has been conducting the Grand Orchestre National Lunaire of La Louvière, and La fanfare détournée of Tournai.

Since 2013 – and enlightened by Edgar Morin‘s philosophical sight – Eloi Baudimont is codirecting the belgo-palestinian orchestra Al Manara with the palestinian musician Ramzi Aburedwan. This project has received support and encouragement from Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and Ken Loach.

From Saint Cecily’s banquets to village feast, from the Niger riverbanks in Mali to Forest National or the theatre San Carlo of Naples for the bicentenary of the birth of Verdi, from the Avignon festival to the 70-year-old birthday party of King Albert II at the Royal Palace, Eloi Baudimont lugs his brass bands all around.

Next to big orchestras, which he particularly love, Eloi Baudimont also composes for theatre. He regularly accompanies the stand-up comedian Bruno Coppens on the piano.

Eloi Baudimont received the Hainaut Prize of the Scenic arts.

Since 2021, he has been teaching artistic production in Master Studio at IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).

Eloi Baudimont has worked with…

Ramzi Aburedwan, Ibrahim Alfrookh, Fabrice Alleman, Munther Alraee, Laïla Amezian, Michel Andina, Giovanni Barcella, Ziad Ben Youssef, Muriel Bersy, François Beuckelaers, Sylvie Braekeleer, Edwin Buger, Ramon Calduch, Anne-Marie Cappeliez, Michel Castillano, Thomas Champagne, Benoît Chantry, la compagnie Chéri-chéri, la compagnie Lubat, Antoine Cirri, les Comediants de Barcelone, Bruno Coppens, Cyrille Crepel, le théâtre Croquemitaine, Jean-Louis Danvoye, Olivier Darques, Isabelle Defossé, Céline Delbecq, Christine Delmotte, Jean-Claude Derudder, Eric De Staercke, Franco Dragone, Grégory Duret, Coline Dutilleul, Ilse Dyck, le clown Elastique, Bruce Ellison, les Facteurs d’amour et M. Zo, Xavier Gossuin, Emmanuel Guillaume, Alfred Hajjar, Nadine Eghels, Jean-François Hoël, Jean-Claude Idée, Raphaël Imbert, Patrick Joniaux, Marie-Paule Kumps, Silvia Lenzi, Benjamin Macke, Virgile MagnietteMichel Mainil, Bart MarisMarco Martinelli, Olivier Massart, Bernard Massuir, Réhab Mehal, Gilles Monnart, Edgar Morinla compagnie des Mutants, OKidOK, Masaki OtawaYutaka Oyamale Panach’Club, Singhkeo Panya, le Théâtre Royal du Parc, les Passeurs de rêves, Jean-Marie Pétiniot, Luc Petit, Guy Pion, Pierre Poucet, Le Prato de Lille, Julie Prayez, Marion Rampal, Tareq Rantisi, Jean-Jacques Renaut, Pierre Richards, Hélène Richer, Julien RoySaule, Lena Seikaly, Réal SiellezBaba Sissoko, la compagnie du sous-marin jaune (Montréal), Alexandre Von Sivers, Yanal Staiti, Michel Tanner, Grégoire Tirtiaux, Charlotte Villalongale théâtre des Zygomars …

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